The St Luke’s Centre opened its doors in 1989 to help people experiencing enduring mental health needs. Working with local statutory agencies to provide a safe and welcoming place, which offers support and activity, has always been the driving force behind The St Luke’s Centre.

More than thirty years on, TLC St Luke's now offers a holistic range of interrelated services addressing: mental health and well being; arts, creativity and expression; healthy living; community; advocacy, guidance and advice.

Amongst our successes over the years, 90% (2,000 individuals) of people attending TLC St Luke's have improved their real social networks through our provision of drop-in activities four times per week; 130 people in each of the last seven years have gained improved mental, physical and emotional well-being through complementary therapy treatments; and over 75 individuals with mental health needs have accessed our Open Arts studio sessions every year, increasing their skills, self-esteem and confidence, and often being signposted to further educational opportunities.

To get an idea of just how much the community has been helped by St Luke's, read the testimonies.