What People Say


St Lukes is great, I would be lost without it. I would be a lot more isolated and spend much more time at home on my own

St Luke's Art Project has been a turning point for me, establishing meaning and connection in my life...St Luke's Projects have given meaning to my life, and established a sense of possible future, at a time when I did not think I had a present

Art helps express what you can't say through words

I have gained confidence and it makes me feel proud to have published my own work

I have learnt more about Photoshop - I can use the mouse and keyboard better. The artists have helped me write a book and how to take meaningful photos

I think being at St Lukes is one of the best things that ever happened to me in my whole life...they are helping me to put my book together. I really enjoy doing this

I am happier when I'm doing my art

Art keeps my mind focussed so I'm not wandering all the time. It keeps me sane

It’s a good project to come to. People are nice

I have documented my art work on my new camera and learnt to file things away neatly on the computer in chosen folders

Sometimes Interesting always active & good people -Motivating

Helps you meet people and develop creative skills. Made me look at art in a new light

Whether we like it or not, computers are part of our lives. St Lukes workers have kept me from going over the edge with digital rage!

Friendly staff, good resources, calm place. Computer skills, group projects, personal work. Keeps me busy – I’ve started job hunting